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Dok je Ferari radio testove i delio podatke sa ostalim timovima.....drugi su trošili vreme novac i resurse na poboljšanju bolida

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wapi wrote:
17.05.2019., 08:45
Ljubazno molim može li, meni neupućenom, netko objasniti Lord Gasly zajebanciju?
Moj prijatelj je mu dao tu titulu, na VN Kine ja msm, pa sam ja negdje spomenuo tu titulu na forumu i ostala je tako.
Kako kolege pojasniše, po uzoru na Nicklasa Bendtnera, titula Lord označava nekoga ko je balvan, panjina, što je Lord Gasly do sada i bio u usporedbi sa Maxonjom :D

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Ferrari: aerodynamic restyling for the SF90, but no new suspension ... a/4392855/
Which Ferrari should we expect for the Monaco GP? We have now arrived at the end of May and the Scuderia has to start the study of the 671, next year's single-seater which for now will have only one project signature.

We have not yet understood whether the SF90 will be able to become a winner and the time has come to lay the foundations for the Red of the future.

It will be a car that will derive from this or the Cavallino technicians will take another road in an attempt to mend the gap from the Mercedes that meanwhile has slipped five doublets in a row, giving the clear sign that Ferrari is facing the silver arrow stronger than ever?

In Maranello last Friday there was a summit meeting in which the president, John Elkann, and the CEO, Louis Camilleri, defined the next steps with the team principal, Mattia Binotto. The Swiss-born engineer from Reggio Emilia reported his leaders with the data that emerged from the Barcelona tests after the two days of tests that followed the disappointing Spanish GP dominated by silver arrows.

The SF90 is a single-seater with little aerodynamic downforce and with great efficiency, so it manages to achieve maximum unreachable speeds for everyone, but then gets lost in the slow (eight tenths of a second only in the last stretch of Montmelò).

To this problem is added a front suspension of too traditional design, while Mercedes and Red Bull (but not only) have launched with more extreme and innovative solutions with a goal: to put the Pirelli tires in the right window of operation, because the "rocket red ”does not allow Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc to fight for victory on guided circuits like Monte Carlo.

To deal with the suspension, the front end of the SF90 should be redone and in this delicate phase of the season it is better to dedicate the resources to aerodynamics. In the meeting, therefore, an extra-budget for the relaunch of the Red Army would be launched, while in parallel the design of the 2020 machine will begin.

There is much talk of a return of Simone Resta in the summer, but the technical director of the Alfa Romeo would not be involved in the present: he could be reinstated in Maranello with a different role than he had as chief designer. And it seems that he is not appointed technical director, a role that remains in the hands of Binotto, in defense of the work of Enrico Cardile and David Sanchez.

There are those who would bet that Resta could be destined for the 2021 single-seater when there will be a revolution in the rules, which has not yet been defined by the FIA.

The test in Barcelona seems to have given some answers: the test driver Fuoco seems to have detected few differences between the real SF90 conducted last Wednesday in Spain and the virtual one that normally drives the simulator, a sign that there is a correlation between the track and the "spider" .

And yet in the very area of ​​simulation there would have been a change with the release of Giacomo Tortora, the engineer responsible for vehicle development.

It is not to be considered a scapegoat, but there is no doubt that in the supply chain that brings data from the CFD, to the wind tunnel and then to the simulator and to the track there is room for improvement.

In the recent past we have often seen the Redhead struggling in Friday free practice to improve on Saturday after a long night of data analysis and testing on the "spider". Antonio Giovinazzi and Daniil Kvyat, simulator driver of 2028, found this year an accommodation for Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso owners and the two pilots who took their place, Pascal Wehrlein and Brandon Hartley, have the task of not making them regret.

The SF90 was not considered a "wrong" car, but a car that makes it very difficult to get the tires to work properly. On certain tracks he expresses himself well (Bahrain), on others a lot of work (Australia and Spain) and in others he tried to defend himself, but for now he has not won ...

Dodatni resursi su odobreni za popravljanje aerodinamike i shvaćanja samog problema za ovu sezonu, ovjes je također jedan od problema, smatra se da je dosta tradicionalan, ali trenutno težak za riješiti pa će fokus biti na popravljanju aero dijela bolida.
Antonio Fuoco je uočio značanje razlike između simulatora i zadnjeg testa, te je inženjer zadužen za simulator maknut s pozicije...znamo da već od prošle godine postoje problemi na tom frontu. SF71-H je imao dosta problema sa setupom, pa bi se preko noći s petka na subotu pokušalo riješiti, a drugi dio sezone smo imali značajne probleme, pogotovo s aero novostima koji su zapravo pogoršali bolid.
Moguć i vjerojatan povratak Simone Reste, ali ne očekuje se da će raditi na ovogodišnjem bolidu, pa čak ni za bolidu na 2020, već na onome za 2021. Rad je već odavno počeo na bolidu za 2020 (to je normalno da rad počne već tamo u drugom mjesecu).

Nisu nekakvi potresti, ali se pokušava riješiti problem što je prije moguće.
We fight together. We win together. We lose together. Forza Ferrari
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